Reading List: 26feb2017

How To Outline Your Novel In Scrivener by J. Zachary Pike

A while back (okay, a long while back), I wrote about the value of outlining your novel. It’s a great way to get the plot and structure of your book going, and it helps you solve for the big narrative early on. – J. Zachary Pike

Design principles: KISS the Feature creep by Anton Nikolov

This will be the first post of series of articles I will be writing on design principles. The idea is to share my perspective on timeless design principles that can be applicable across many mediums and contexts. – Anton Nikolov

Design thinking.. er.. um.. yeah, sure, I know what that is by Pubs Abayasiri

It’s the latest buzz. I hear it all the time as the latest panacea for all work related problems. “Why don’t you apply design thinking to this?” comes up way too often. Not so long ago, the equivalent would have been: “Project delay? Why not take an agile approach instead?” – Pubs Abayasiri

Getting Started with VoiceOver & Accessibility by Sue Lockwood

If you are a web developer working on a Mac, you can become a hero for thousands of people out there by assuring that anything you create for the web can be read properly by a screen reader. – Sue Lockwood

Five Things You Can Do Today to Make Your Site More Accessible by Julie Kuehl

Does incorporating accessibility into your website seem overwhelming? Here’s five quick things that will help improve your site today. A “read more” link is worthless to people who can’t see – which could be anyone depending on screen size, device, or any number of everyday circumstances. – Julie Kuehl

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