Reading List: 6apr2018

How to Write CSS That Works in Every Browser, Even the Old Ones by Jen Simmons

using these techniques, you can start using the latest and greatest CSS today — including CSS Grid — without leaving any of your users behind – Jen Simmons

Beyond Engagement: the Content Performance Quotient by Jeffrey Zeldman
Zeldman introduces the idea of content performance quotient and suggests that, for some sites and applications, it is a better goal to aspire to than engagement.

Grid By Example videos by Rachel Andrew
This isn’t a thing I’m just reading this week, I’ve been using Rachel Andrew’s Grid by Example site to learn about CSS Grid for awhile and will continue to do so. These videos are a helpful resource if you’re getting started.

I’ve been experimenting with grid and like it so far in part because of the extremely helpful information published both by Rachel Andrew and Jen Simmons.