This Week: 7apr2018

It’s been another quiet week. There’s not much going on and the weather has been unfriendly. Spring will be arriving here soon (I hope).


CD - The International Noise ConspiracyNew (to me) music this week: The (International) Noise Conspiracy and The No WTO Combo. I like them both. Right now I’m spending more time listening to International Noise Conspiracy than No WTO. I’ll get on to the No WTO next week. I like to pay attention to one new artist/album at a time. That’s just me.


AnakinFellini standing in the water-filled tub I use for Ash's baths continues to make progress toward becoming relaxed here. He’s finding places that he likes to nap and playing with everyone more. I brought a cat tree upstairs because he likes to look out the windows up there. He’s enjoying it a lot.

Fellini showed me, once again, that when I turn my back, mischief happens. I was giving Ash a bath, took the tub out of her house and set it on the table. I turned my back for a moment and when I looked again, Fellini was standing in the dragon’s bath water. At least he was calm about it and didn’t run through the house with his wet feet.


Ash after the vet, sitting on her log and displaying her beard in annoyanceAsh had a visit to the vet and was not even a little amused by it. To make it worse, she’s shedding again. She was well behaved but let me know she was not pleased by showing me her beard when we got home.

She’d been having some trouble with her stomach. Sometimes dragons have parasite issues when they’re changing diet or stressed. Ash has been eating a lot more vegetables than she did as a baby so that’s likely what caused her upset stomach. She’s had medicine for it and seems to be feeling better.


That’s it until next week.