This Week: 14apr2018


This week I’ve been listening to a lot of Amon Tobin and Flanger. It’s part of my playlist for working and this has been a busy week. I’m still into the International Noise Conspiracy CD I got about a week ago.

Other Stuff

We went to Nancy Chang in Worcester for lunch with a friend and I got a new entry for my blog, Not a Fortune. Most of the fortunes I get in my cookies are not fortunes. Naturally, I decided I needed to post them as proof that I don’t get fortunes.

If you’re in Worcester, MA and looking for a great place to eat, I recommend Nancy Chang. They have great service, food is good, prices are reasonable, menu is extensive and they are very accommodating for anyone that has dietary needs beyond what is on the menu. They are also very good about modifications to their menu items.


Anakin had his first meet and greet with out vet. He wasn’t happy about it but was very well-behaved. She says he is very healthy and a very good boy. Good job, Anakin!


Ash is back to her old self after getting a course of medication for an upset tummy issue.