This Week: 21apr2018


New to me music this week is ACE (Aural Communications and Entertainment) / The Causey Way. This band is another one that my husband found on the Alternative Tentacles site. They’re funny and have a sound that is a little reminiscent of the B-52’s but they much angrier.


On Saturday, we took Ash for her first outing of the year. We went to Bemis Farms Nursery and found some beautiful black violas and a dragon head statue for our yard. Luckily, we kept the flowers inside because it snowed again that night.

I went to Dacosta’s in Worcester, MA with my husband, son and his girlfriend. We all enjoyed their delicious Zeppole. They’re like extremely fresh doughnut holes served with a chocolate hazelnut sauce and frosting. They’re so good.


Anakin is becoming more comfortable every day. This week he started greeting me when I come home from work. He’s also discovered the cat bed on the shelf above my desk. He sat there and helped me get some work done.


Ash managed to eat a new food this week without acting like it was the worst thing ever. I fed her some carrots. She seems to actually like them.