This week: 28apr2018


I’m still stuck on The Causey Way. What a fun band.


This week I helped shoot a video of a snowboarder / entrepreneur. I did the editing on it. I can’t post it yet because it’s for a new webzine that will be launching in a month. I realized how much I’ve missed making videos. I plan to do more soon.

The other fun thing this week was the opening of the new Worcester PopUP. It’s a new creative space that will host a variety of artistic activities. It’s a beautiful space that will be a great benefit to Worcester.


I wrote a post about Alice and Andrei and their tight bond and some of the unique behaviors we’ve noticed with them. They were born feral so we think that may be part of why they do what they do especially with regard to protecting their food sources.


Ash is still learning about vegetables and fruits. This week was a little difficult because I tried to introduce raspberries into her diet again. I’ve read that bearded dragons love raspberries. Ash did not get that same information. She apparently hates them and became upset that they were in her bowl. She spent some time pouting with her nose in the corner of her vivarium after accidentally tasting one of the raspberries.