Everything is Under Construction: Progress

I’ve been busy since my first update about rebuilding my sites. Most of my focus has been on getting back into the habit of posting regularly and deciding what comes next.

Some of the things I’ve posted recently are:

I’ve been shooting a lot more photos and produced a video. I’m working on scheduling for several other projects I want to do.

What’s Next?

Now that I’m getting back into the habit of posting, I’m going to start the next piece of the rebuild. I’m going to be designing my own WordPress themes for my sites. I’m excited about building my own because it’s been a too long since I built an entire theme and I miss it. The other reason is that the themes I’m using are very nice but are not my work and they’re not exactly what I want. I chose themes that will work well for a short-term goal of just getting back online but ultimately, I want my own themes.

The final piece of this project will be to a few more adjustments to where the content lives. These pre-builts didn’t allow me to do what I really want so I had to make it work for now. The important thing for me was to start publishing again before I lost my nerve and made excuses to not bother. Again.